Monday, August 25, 2008

some pretty photos from the beach

I spent this weekend at the Jersey Shore with a group of people who I've been friends with for so many years... and somehow they still like me! It was a wonderful weekend.

The umbrellas we lazed under

On Sera's boat... Sera, Laura, me, Billy, and Katie

The sunset

future album cover?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

challah at your girl

This week I thought about writing to tell the tale of my tragic/freak accident involving my iPod, but I don’t like to dwell on the negative. Plus I’ve told the story about a million times already, so.

Last weekend I found myself once again on the fair shores of Philadelphia. It was a great trip—my dear friend had a party that was super fun, and the next day we all went out for breakfast at a place called Honey’s. The restaurant specializes in Jewish and Southern cuisine, so I had grits and challah with my eggs. It was excellent! We spent the rest of the day lazing, and in the afternoon founded a spontaneous band, “interior design,” comprised of guitar, accordion, harmonica, plastic recorder, and toy piano. Look for us soon on YouTube, and then, inevitably, Radio City Music Hall.

Tomorrow I am jetting (via bus) to the Jersey Shore, to spend the second-to-last weekend of summer with some of the best people I’ve known in my life. Needless to say, I am excited.

I’ve still been listening to Blood on the Tracks a whole lot, and even learned “Tangled up in Blue” on guitar. And if my last post didn’t convince you to listen to Bob Dylan, maybe this one will? Just do it, you know you want to.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

jumbled pile of person how I've been feeling lately. Has it really been 12 days since I've posted?

Anyway, things are kind of strange right now. It seems like a lot of things are changing really rapidly, and yet it feels like each hour drips by like so much molasses. Maybe that is just adulthood?

I have itchy feet lately too--I think it has something to do with the time of year, as I've spent the last 17 Augusts of my life getting ready for a new school year or a new apartment. So I've come up with various schemes to get moving. One is that I will move to Seattle in a year. I'll spend the next 12 months saving money, planning, etc, and then next summer get the hell over to the west coast and stay there. I'll have a room with a view of the mountains and ocean, and a garden with basil, and a cat.

Another plan has been getting an MBA, which I must admit is less picturesque, but will allow me to fund my new life on the west coast. Plus how cool would it be to get into Harvard business school?

In other news I have been listening to Madeleine Leyroux lately and would highly recommend Careless Love to anyone with ears. Even though there is a song on the album called "Careless Love," I like to think she named the album after the lyric in the Dylan song of track 4:

Dragon clouds so high above
I've only known careless love-
it's always hit me from below

Oh, bob.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Man on Wire

Last week I went to see the above movie, about Pierre Petit: the man who walked a tightrope between the twin towers in 1974. The movie was really quite arresting. The shots of New York City in the 70s, of all the men who worked on the towers and their progress. It was amazing to see them as skeletons before they were completed.

Anyway, Pierre first had the dream of walking between the towers when he saw a picture of them in a Paris newspaper - before they were built. He practiced for years and planned his secret feat down to the inch. before he walked between the towers, Pierre had also wire-walked between the towers of Notre Dame and over a bridge in the Sydney Harbor. He practiced walking the distance between the towers in his french countryside backyard, and had his friends shake the wire back and forth so he could prepare for the wind that would be blowing a mile up in the air.

The most amazing thing about the movie, I thought, was how much of it was comprised of historical footage and photographs. The view from the top of those towers was breathtaking, and made New York City look like a tame wilderness. In some of the shots all you can see is sky, and you can't help but think how beautiful it is how a preposterous dream can become a reality.