Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall in Florida

If you know me, you know that I love Fall. I love the way the air gets crispy, and I love crunching leaves under my feet, and putting on a sweater for the first time. After spending the last 14 years in the northeast, I am looking around for signs of Fall here in the beachy south.

Some things remain the same: Starbucks unveils their myriad pumpkin products, kids go back to school, Halloween costume shops open. But of course the leaves here don't change color (or haven't yet), and the only time I need a sweater is indoors, because air-conditioning temperatures remain arctic. The thing that has been a pleasant surprise to me, though, is that I can really feel a difference in the air. It is noticeably less humid, easier to breathe. And in the afternoons, when I look out the office windows, the light is like pure crystal. The other day it was almost pinkish, and the clouds were less puffy and just a touch more wispy.

I can't wait to start cooking squash and other Fall veggies, and I really can't wait to put on some boots and walk around, looking for a magnolia leaf to crunch.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

some new recommendations

Hello faithful blog audience. I don't know how many of you are left, but if you're reading this - Thank you! I have been following the blog and it has inspired me to think about all the little things in life that I love. So, in that spirit I wanted to share some things I've been into lately.

1. The song "East" by The Weather Station. This band is from Toronto, and has intensified my love for Canada. I heard it on All Songs Considered (here) while driving to work one morning, and it was the first time a song made me cry just out of appreciation for its beauty. Also, the singer taught herself how to play the banjo, which is really awesome.

2. Kashi Pumpkin Pie granola bars. Sweet, spicy, soft, crunchy, these things are weird at first but amazing later. Perfect mid-morning snack.

3. The song "Will You Return" by the Avett Brothers, especially the music video. I would link to it, but YouTube is blocked at work. Google it though, seriously. Also playing this song on guitar is super fun.

4. Eating potato chips after you've just been swimming, especially if you stay in the pool and eat them poolside. Your fingers are still a little wet, so the salt sticks to them and is more fun to lick off. There is just something luxurious about eating and drinking poolside, even more so if someone brings you the potato chips and/or drink. Mmmm.

5. Neil Gaiman. This guy is really a great writer. He wrote Coraline, and Neverwhere, which I'm currently reading. Both books have themes of an "other" world, and he creates these whole parallel universes without being hokey or gimmicky. He reminds me of Philip Pullman, another semi-geeky-but-pretty-profound sci-fi writer.

Okay that is all for now! I am going to try to update more consistently with lists like this. BONUS RECOMMENDATION: making lists of things you like. It's pretty uplifting!

peace, love, happiness.