Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jerusalem Hot Pita

Yesterday I tried the above restaurant in my neighborhood. People have been telling me since I moved here, "Oh, Astoria? Good Greek food." Well A-MEN brothers and sisters. I went into Jerusalem Hot Pita (the unassuming awning reads Pita Hot) looking only for some falafel. Little did I know that I was about to taste the best falafel. Ever. The man behind the counter is a true artist: he carefully constructed my falafel sandwich with the focus of someone who really cares about providing a good sandwich. For three dollars and fifty cents I got a sandwich that did not fall apart or dissolve as I ate it. It held together for every satisfying, delicious, chick pea filled bite.

The ambiance did not even leave anything to be desired. Putamayo Cairo mix playing, post-cards covering the walls, and a hookah in the windowsill. Tonight I went back for the hummus-falafel combo. Please, how could one ask for more?

Monday, July 21, 2008

they say i need a post

I had this whole thing written up about the state of American education, but it was rambling and pointless, so I just deleted the whole thing.

Last week I rang in my 24th year with a bang--a few bangs, actually. I experienced many of New York City's outdoor pleasures: movie in the park, concert in the park. I went to the famous Beergarden of Astoria and I had a lovely dinner at Bar Americain.

I haven't reflected too much on my birthday, but I do hope that this year will be even better than the last. I am in a brand new place physically, and that is certainly a good start for turning over a new leaf.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

new places and faces

Hi everybody. This is my new blog. If you pine for my witticisms past, you can still find them at miranda233.vox.com.

Happy reading!